Hva er Horizon Fishtalk Integrator?

Horizon Fishtalk Integrator a tool for integrating data from Fishtalk application to the Horizon applications. 


It has a scheduled task for running on a daily basis but throws an error in case something is not right.

Errors related to this tool can be caused by version conflict, exceptions, among other things. Sometimes it is related to the running environment or even changes in the Fishtalk database.

The newest version of Horizon Fishtalk Integrator has a better monitoring functionality whereby FiiZK informs the customer upon errors related to running the integrator

How to restart the Fishtalk integration:
Once in the server to the customer, open the application.
On status 0, click the start button

A closer look at statuses in the application:

Code Meaning 
-1 Running completed successfully 
1 >Running in progress 
-2 Running failure 
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